She Shack Reveal

The She Shack – a female version of the Man Cave – has become a popular option over the past few years. So when one of my clients requested that an old, original stone outbuilding on her farms property be converted into one, I was thrilled. I was undaunted by the fact that it was a dirty, older structure. My client captivated my imagination for what could be and I got right to work.

The main house and property were enough inspiration to make this project the little gem my client envisioned, but what really propelled me was that she’s the only female in the house; outnumbered by her husband, sons and even all but one of the family dogs! Her desire was to have a place of her own. An escape – a place to meditate, practice yoga, read, and also a quiet office space away from the main home. She and I worked together to infuse the design with her personality and style.

While the formidable aspects of the renovation are complete, I’ll help her continue to refine the space with additions of personal artwork and larger built-in bookcases for her extensive library.

This She Shack sits on a 100-acre farm. My client tells me it's her favorite place to be, which couldn’t make me happier. What an enjoyable project this has been to transform a forgotten and abandoned structure into this little gem.

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Mary HogwoodComment