Behind the scenes: multi-million dollar builds

Meadowdale Update

Windows and doors arrive and a barrel ceiling takes shape

Meadowdale continues to progress, even amidst the cold weather and record-breaking snowfall here in Baltimore County. 

I knew the windows and doors would be a turning point in this build and would finally be the realization of the fabulous views I envisioned standing on the property before the first bit of framing was onsite.

Even with snow on the ground, you get the sense of what the views will be like here in Greenspring Valley area of Baltimore and why the name, Meadowdale, fits the property.

When I was asked to participate on this project, I knew this home could pull off a dramatic barrel ceiling. With the exception of seeing the client's reaction to a final piece of work, these milestones in the building process where vision takes shape are extremely satisfying.

The barrel ceiling in Meadowdale is dramatic. The layout of the home provided a perfect pallet for the execution of this design element; large scale and a long expanse. Here, the ceiling foundational elements are in place with framing nearly complete.

Rich PalareaComment